Сообшение # 48 от: Георги Иванов Добавлено: 12.06.2007 в 00:27
БРАВО!!!!Слпва нет !!
Сообшение # 47 от: Сергей Добавлено: 09.06.2007 в 19:52
С большим удовольствием рассмотрел материалы сайта. Труд его авторов - очень хорошо проделанная работа. Мне, как историку пригодится это в практической работе. Большое Спасибо.
Сообшение # 46 от: Алексей Шпилевой Добавлено: 05.06.2007 в 16:08
Здравствуйте! С большим удовольствием посетил и рассмотрел Ваш сайт. Большое спасибо!
Сообшение # 45 от: Gunter Spohr Добавлено: 18.05.2007 в 13:12
Dear gospodin Bichurov,
forgive me for writing in English; my modest Russian - after so many decades - has faded.
I wanted to thank you - and share the small present with you that I have attached to this mail. - I have come to your site from Samara-photo which has given me so much remembrances of my childhood. At Samara-photo I also, of course, came accross your works, which I have enjoyed so much.
The attached scan is of a picture taken between 1949 to 1951 in Upravlensheski Gorodok; it seems to be the frontside of the house your Album 26 shows in the second line, second from the right. At that time, it had the address 2-6-3 on the street then running parallel to the wall of the the aviation construction complex of Eng. Kuznetsov (Motorstroitel, today, I think). I grew up in that house after World War II. My Familiy moved into there after some months stay at the Sanatorium Krasnaya Glinka.
Dwelling on Samara-photo and on your website revives much memories from the past and gives me the lively feeling of still taking part of the development of the Zhiguli and Samara regions. Please, be so kind to accept my sincerest and heartfelt gratitute and, please, pass this gratitude on to your collegues and authors at Samara-photo.
I am amazed how deep the emotions still were burried inside me that were brought to life by going through your website. I did not know they still existed after so many years - I will, when I get an opportunity, go through my old cases with things stored away to see if there is anything more by way of documentary photo or so of that period when those German socalled specialists populated large parts of Upravlensheski gorodok; going to 88th Special Middle School; passing the beautiful summers at the island in the Volga river; the long walks along the Sok; ax, ... Of course, it wasn't always that easy and all sunshine; we were often hungry as averyone else for the first years after arriving in winter 1946; my sister and myself for some years kept some goats to be able to have some milk and meat for the family from time to time; then there were the noisy trial runs over many days for the new turbines; the uncertainties going along with the regime; the Gulag that was on our way to schoool; ... But we children were amply compensated by the beatiful nature and the gentillesse of so many people, Russian, Tatar, Bashkir ...
I read with interest your section on the Molokan orchards and the community. I was not aware of their presence in Samara then; only later, when living in Kurdistan of Iraq (which I still do halb of the year), I had met some of those Molokans that had by strange ways migrated from the Red Kurdistan area near Karabagh up to Persian and then to Iraqi Kurdistan. It was that encounter that prompted me to read a bit more about the group.
Sorry, I was getting sentimental and I am getting talkative.
All good wishes and greetings from Berlin,
repectfully and greatfully
yours Gunter Spohr
Сообшение # 44 от: Юрий Каргин Добавлено: 08.05.2007 в 15:32
Восхищён огромной работой, которая проделана создвтелями сайта. Очень хотел бы такой же, но только по г. Балаково: сам краевед. Сейчас работаю над большой Балаковской народной энциклопедией. Может, поможете?! Буду весьма признателен.
Сообшение # 43 от: Полина Добавлено: 07.05.2007 в 23:22
Шикарный сайт!!!Восхитительно!Спасибо Вам огромное.Невероятно интересно=)
Сообшение # 42 от: Сергей Добавлено: 29.04.2007 в 14:35
Огромное спасибо за то, что даете возможность узнать больше о нашем городе! Очень рад за Вас, и надеюсь на дальнейшее развитие проекта.
Сообшение # 41 от: Radonez Добавлено: 19.04.2007 в 14:13
Наконец-то нашёл то, что давно искал - фотографии старой самары. А гостевую книгу вы далеко запрятали - ссылку еле нашёл
Сообшение # 40 от: Светлана Добавлено: 18.04.2007 в 19:01
Огромное спасибо за ваш сайт. Смотрели всей семьей.Мама(наша бабушка,ей70) смотрела и вспоминала, ведь все было на ее глазах,особенно район Хебной площади, пл Револющии,Ж/Д вокзала. Во время войны они жили во дворе Ж/двокзала.Процветания и благополучия!!!
Сообшение # 39 от: Дима (cайт автора: http://www.samgtu.ru/~mtm/) Добавлено: 17.04.2007 в 13:49
Я думаю, что "простым" решением будет поставить на рисунок размеры (высоту и ширину) по 100%. Хотя я не совсем уверен. Нужно пробовать.
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